Why Use A Car Buying Concierge?

Because your time is valuable — let us do the footwork.

In today’s world, time is often a luxury. Why spend yours in a car dealer showroom haggling over the price of a new car or truck? At The Auto Champs, we’re here to serve you, the client, not the auto industry.

  • Expert negotiating services
  • Comprehensive financing support
  • Volume discounts from bulk buying opportunities
  • End-to-end deal completion

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How We’re Different

Traditional Car Broker Services

Using a professional car negotiator seems like a great idea. However, many car brokers have ‘relationships’ with dealers that run contrary to their client’s best interests. In fact, if the company doesn’t charge you for the service, they are being paid an undisclosed amount of money by the dealership which is a direct conflict of interest. You want a car concierge service that operates transparently and doesn’t have any ‘skin in the game’.

The Auto Champs Buying Solution

With The Auto Champs, we handle the entire car shopping process on your behalf and you receive the best possible deal, including interest rates, with a detailed report stating all pertinent facts about the purchase — there are never any hidden charges, surprise fees, or side deals.
Graphic showing new car savings.Graphic depicting savings possible off MSRP with The Auto Champs.

Our Process

We handle everything behind the scenes - so for you, it’s only 2 easy steps.
Strategy, Research, and Selection

First, we strategize with you to get a thorough understanding of the type of vehicle you want and your funding preferences. To ensure all your questions are answered, The Auto Champs will provide research and information on aspects of your new vehicle, such as fuel consumption, safety ratings, trade-in value, and more. Once you’ve made a firm selection, we move to the next phase.

Negotiation, Financing, and Delivery

Next, we shop your car or truck to dealerships near your location to find the best overall package which will include the purchase price, financing terms, and your trade-in value. Through bulk pricing, volume incentives, and multi-vehicle discounts, your car buying concierge will secure the best price and pass the savings on to you. Once the paperwork is complete, the vehicle is either delivered to you or you make one local trip to pick it up.

Select The Type Of Car You Want
Pick Your New Ride

What Volume Pricing Means To You

In the auto industry, it’s all about volume. Dealerships are highly receptive to negotiating volume pricing discounts to improve their numbers and maximize their bonuses. We’re here to take advantage of that.

We facilitate volume pricing through our network and pass along the savings so you can maximize your new vehicle purchase.


Howard Richman
I don’t know what to say. The service Reid provided was second to none. I will never get another car without Reid and his group in my corner.
Frank Nyberg
John at Auto Champs found me the vehicle that I wanted. The vehicle is a model that is in short supply as it is a Hybrid as well. In my research I found a local dealership listing in their inventory for THOUSANDS ($5,448) above MSRP!... That is IF they actually showed one in their inventory. I was not finding others! Really! John not only found me the vehicle but at a price below MSRP. The vehicle was delivered to my home. It really was a Fabulous deal. Auto Champs saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend them.read more
Damon R
This was the best car leasing experience I’ve ever had. I never had to leave my house or set foot in a dealership. The process couldn’t have been easier—I simply told them the model, color, and options I wanted, and they provided the best... price, picked up my previous car, and delivered the new one right to my door.Having leased cars all my adult life, I can confidently say that no dealership matches the honesty, transparency, service level, and pricing that Reid and his team provide. The Auto Champs handle everything, eliminating all the usual frustrations of buying or leasing a new car.The process was incredibly easy and straightforward. I will be recommending the Auto Champs to everyone I know. There’s no reason to lease a car any other way.read more
Car driving down a rural road.

Benefits Of Working With A Professional Car Negotiator

Lower Cost

We guarantee you a lower price than you could negotiate yourself.

Flexible Financing

Whether you want to lease, finance, or pay cash – we’ll make it happen.


From start to finish, we save you time, money, and hassles.


You receive a report detailing the entire transaction – every cent!

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