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Amy Robinson
They took away all the stress of getting a car! Great experience! Thank you
I highly recommend The Auto Champs and Reid Ferris to anyone looking to purchase or lease a car. Reid is very experienced and knowledgeable and it’s great to have someone like him advocating for you for the best deal. He was able to find a great deal on a lease within a few days, much much better than I was able to do on my own! Definitely worthwhile using Auto champs when you need to buy or lease a car, and their rates are reasonable as well
aaron menkin
Reid and the Auto Champ team are absolute pros! They are the most professional individuals I've ever dealt with while shopping for a car. They secured a great deal on the exact vehicle I wanted in less than a week. Exceptional value and service. Couldn't recommend them more highly.
Molly Moran
This was an amazing car-buying experience, it could not have been easier and I got the exact car that I wanted! Thank you so much for everything!
John and Reid at Auto Champs make purchasing a car a pleasurable experience. I know this is a crazy statement but it just speaks to their gifted professionalism and temperament. They are able to get you the very best prices for not only the vehicle but financing as well. Moreover, they are always available to answer questions or respond to your concerns. Thank you!
Given the excellent experience, will probably never walk into a dealership again except to get the keys to the new vehicle. Highly recommend Auto Champs; worth the investment to save the money & time.
Howard Richman
I don’t know what to say. The service Reid provided was second to none. I will never get another car without Reid and his group in my corner.
Frank Nyberg
John at Auto Champs found me the vehicle that I wanted. The vehicle is a model that is in short supply as it is a Hybrid as well. In my research I found a local dealership listing in their inventory for THOUSANDS ($5,448) above MSRP! That is IF they actually showed one in their inventory. I was not finding others! Really! John not only found me the vehicle but at a price below MSRP. The vehicle was delivered to my home. It really was a Fabulous deal. Auto Champs saved me thousands of dollars. I highly recommend them.
Damon R
This was the best car leasing experience I’ve ever had. I never had to leave my house or set foot in a dealership. The process couldn’t have been easier—I simply told them the model, color, and options I wanted, and they provided the best price, picked up my previous car, and delivered the new one right to my door.Having leased cars all my adult life, I can confidently say that no dealership matches the honesty, transparency, service level, and pricing that Reid and his team provide. The Auto Champs handle everything, eliminating all the usual frustrations of buying or leasing a new car.The process was incredibly easy and straightforward. I will be recommending the Auto Champs to everyone I know. There’s no reason to lease a car any other way.
Jon Liba
Great experience using Auto Champs! Very professional, the team quickly found an exact match for the car we wanted. Definitely recommend!
Mackenzie Diamond
John Cuccio and the Auto Champs team made leasing a car with them such a breeze. I’m extremely happy with my car and my experience!
Mark Handsman
Attentive and caring staff who sought to insure that the entire process went well.
Chef Pearl
It was a great experience finding our new car with John. He’s very polite, listened to what we’re looking for and helped us with no hassle. We’re very happy with our new car for the price we’re comfortable to pay. Highly recommend.
Adam DiVito
The landscape of car buying has changed. AutoChamps helps you navigate the process with ease and confidence, ensuring you are choosing the right vehicle for your needs and getting it at a fair price. I highly recommend John Cuccio and the AutoChamps team for your next vehicle purchase.
Ross Bernard
im used to doing this process myself for years. time consuming and not really fun. I thought it was low risk to give John at Auto Champs a shot as I had been in the same type of car for years and dealerships were quoting me un workable numbers on cars I normally would get. I told John what I ideally wanted. He gave me a few suggestions to think about as well. He does all the research and made the process easier than ordering chinese take out food. I'm a believer. Will be going back to them for sure.
Damian G
I would love to thank John Cuccio for the amazing deal he got me on a 2024 rubicon x 4xe ,from first contact to signing took 2 week, every aspect was met he explained the entire process, kept in contact daily, I never set foot in the dealership, and the vehicle was delivered to my home...
Ken Edwards
Stephen Brophy
Made a painful process far less painful. Use these guys. John was great.
PK Nanda
Efficienct. Transparent. Smooth. Only have good things about working with John and Auto Champs.
Ed Seiden
Can’t say enough good things about The Auto Champs and specifically John. I normally dread going into a car dealership and John made the process super smooth and easy. I got the car I was looking for at a great price and the communication throughout the process was outstanding.
Mike Mattera
The AutoChamps helped me lease my most recent car and I couldn’t be happier. They were transparent about the process, very responsive and was able to get me a much better deal than what I could have gotten myself. Highly recommend!
Fortesa Isufaj
I had an amazing experience with John and Reid, they both stepped in and went above and beyond to help me through the entirety of my leasing process. My situation was time-sensitive, and they were readily available to answer all my questions, were extremely kind, and assisted me in every step of the way. Overall, I ended up receiving a great deal and am completely satisfied with the end result.
Drew Behr
Took all the heavy lifting off my shoulders. Best car buying experience we’ve ever had. Would suggest John and the CarChamps to anyone that doesn’t want to do all the back and forth and get a best price!
Joseph E (JoE)
If you're looking foe tge easiest car buying/leasing experience you've ever had, give these guys a call. John found the car we wanted, handled all paperwork and had the car delivered to our house. I never stepped foot in a dealership or talked to any salesperson!
Steven Campanella
Reid was a pleasure to work with. Great communication, smooth transaction, and he got me a great price on my Tucson. Thank - You
Danielle Kupperman
Fourth time hiring Reid to work his magic to get me into the car I want at a price within my budget. Not an easy task nowadays. Will never lease another car any other way. Thank you again Reid!!!
Gearoid keogh
Awesome service !! Highly recommended!! Really simplifies and makes buying a new car a pleasure !!
Jennifer Hansen
AutoChamps played a pivotal role in guiding me towards my next lease. I was grappling with uncertainty regarding which car to opt for, but thanks to John's extensive research aligned with my preferences, I found the perfect fit. Not only did he secure the best pricing within my budget, but he also ensured prompt responses to all my inquiries while upholding transparency at every step. From now on, I won't consider buying or leasing a vehicle without AutoChamps' assistance. I wholeheartedly endorse John's unparalleled service and value to anyone in search of automotive solutions.
Strides Pharmacy
John at auto champs was very professional. He took care of everything from finding the exact car I was looking for at a good price and getting top dollar for my trade. Using this service saved me time and hassle.
Michelle Orr
I highly recommend Reid and The Auto Champs for your car leasing/purchasing needs! Just completed my second auto lease with their assistance and it was just as pleasant and seamless as the first. Worth every penny to engage Reid for his services. If you dread the awkward negotiations and uncertainty if you’re getting the best deal on a new car you can completely eliminate that worry by using The Auto Champs!
John Roesch
I cannot recommend Reid Ferris and The Auto Champs highly enough! Working with Reid and his team has been an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Their commitment to convenience is unmatched - I never imagined leasing a car could be this easy and stress-free!Reid went above and beyond to ensure I got the best deal possible. Not only did he negotiate on my behalf, but he also provided personalized attention to my needs, ensuring I got exactly what I wanted within my budget.The best part? I never had to set foot in a dealership! The entire process, from selecting the perfect car to signing the paperwork, was done from the comfort of my home. And when I say everything was delivered to our doorstep, I mean everything - paperwork, keys, and even a shiny new car!But what truly sets The Auto Champs apart is their exemplary customer service. Reid and his team were always there to answer any questions I had, guiding me through every step with patience and professionalism. They truly care about their clients and it shows in every interaction.If you're in the market for a new car and want a seamless, hassle-free experience, look no further than The Auto Champs. Thank you, Reid, for making car leasing a joy!
B LRod
I had the pleasure of working with Reid who came highly recommended. Reid was prompt, responsive, and professional. He listened to my needs and preferences and provided valuable insights and recommendations. Moreover, I never felt pressured or rushed which made my car-buying experience easier and less stressful; a process of which I have always found daunting and one that I never looked forward to.Overall, my experience with Reid and Auto Champ was outstanding from beginning to end. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of an auto broker.
Paul Heidingsfelder
Great service!
Steven Friedman
I highly recommend The Auto Champs. A very efficient, economical and effortless way to buy a car.
Megan Tiley
I cannot say enough positive about the Auto Champs. You may be thinking “Is it this easy and this reasonably priced?” The answer is YES! The Auto Champs were recommended to me by friends and I am doing this review to sing their praises.Reid Ferris was there to navigate my purchase of a new Lexus. He found exactly what I wanted and kept me informed EVERY step of the way. Yes…the Auto Champs gets you the best deal and you let them do all the legwork. They sold my current car at a very competitive price, and had the transfer done in a seamless way. They handle everything…including calling your insurance company.I was most impressed when I was picking up my new car at the dealership when Reid called to make sure that all went well. The deal was already done on their end. The Auto Champs go above and beyond.This service is worth every penny! Thank you Reid for all your time and help throughout what is typically a difficult process.
Stu Bloom
Excellent experience start to finish. Good advice as well as excellent service. Have used these guys multiple times. Always a pleasure. Nothing more need be said.
Antony Sadik
John exceeded all my expectations. Initially, I had doubts about finding a better offer than the one I had already received. However, John surpassed this by securing a deal that was not only superior but also one that I gladly accepted. Thanks to his efforts, I'm now enjoying significant savings. Moreover, John's customer service was exemplary. He was prompt in addressing all my inquiries and maintained a high level of transparency throughout our interactions. I highly recommend John for anyone looking for unparalleled service and value.
Robert Cabana
I’ve worked with Reid Ferris on the purchase of 5 cars in the past year. I will never buy a car any other way. He guarantees the best price and the fact that I don’t have to deal with salesmen at the care dealership is fantastic. I would highly recommend The Auto Champs if you’re in the market of buying a new car.
Alison Lomanto
I had an incredible experience working with Reid at The Auto Champs. I emailed him late on a Wednesday night and by Thursday afternoon he had the perfect car for me at an unbeatable price. I had been to many dealerships myself before hearing about Reid through a coworker. The deal Reid was able to secure for me was the most affordable option by far. By Saturday afternoon, I was in my new car. The experience was quick, easy, hassle free and enjoyable. The service was top-notch as well. Will definitely be telling my friends and family, and using the Auto Champs again in the future!
alexander betancourt
Jimmy Lee
Excellent experience working with John Cuccio at The Auto Champs. I was in the market for a new car and knew that I wanted to lease vs. buy. Given all the variables associated with a lease, I wanted a trusted advisor on my side to secure the best deal possible.John made the process very efficient via 1 questionnaire and 1 intro phone call. I was impressed with the attention to detail - making sure all comparisons were done apples to apples.Ultimately, John was able to get me a better deal than I was able to secure on my own. Really worth the money! Next time, I'll just rely on The Auto Champs vs. calling around myself since they will absolutely get you the best deal (and save you time!)
Victor Ryder
Wanted to trade in my 2020 CRV for a new 2024 spoke with John Cuccio from auto champs John found me exactly what I wanted at an amazing price and also got me a great trade in value for my 2020 John was absolutely amazing knowledgeable efficient and honest I am 72 years old and have been buying cars since I was 18 I have never experienced such a simple easy and fast transaction I would highly recommend auto champs if you are looking for a new car
John and his team are magnificent. They make the entire process easy and fast! Can’t recommend them enough.
Patricia Lindgren
Such a joyful easy experience with Reid and Tri State Auto Champs.I so highly recommend using them if you want to lease a car. No sales pitch ever - just helpful answers to my questions - A couple of chats and a perfect car arrived at my door.. Oh and saved me $$ too ;-)I've just leased my second car with Reid Ferris and once again he went above and beyond. 100% painless process. We spoke on the phone a few times and exchanged emails - he took care of everything! I've just had my old Subaru picked up and my new one delivered to my door. Truly exceptional.
Great experience working with John and Reid
Salman Tariq
I can’t say enough about how great my experience was with John C***** at The Auto Champs. I was apprehensive about paying a fee before even getting a car but I am so glad I put my trust in John. The car leasing process can be time consuming and frustrating. John gave me quotes on three different cars and worked out a great deal for me. The car was delivered to my door and my trade-in was picked up at the same time. I never had to step into a dealership and there was zero pressure. It was seamless! Our other car comes off lease in a year and a half and I will be calling John again for sure as well as recommending him to my friends and family.
Tyler Ponzio
Working with The Auto Champs to find my next car was a pleasure. I was in a crunch to find something new due to failure of my last vehicle. I was first in contact with them late on Monday and had my new vehicle in my dirveway Thursday early afternoon. The deal they secured for me was amazing and John was exteremly helpful and made this process seamless! Highly reccommed!!!
Michele Brown
Leasing a new car has always been a hassle when dealing with car dealers, especially as a single woman. You can almost guarentee that the game of going back and forth with the manager never works to your advantage! Auto champs made the entire process painless. They have access tomany more dealerships than one could possibly visit and they wee able to get a much better deal since they are working with multiple clientes. To top it off, the car was delivered to the front door with registration and keys in hand. The agent who delivered the car entered all my phone data and gave a review session on all the " bangs and whistles" that the new car had. I have told all my friends and relatives that I would highly recommend using this company. Dealing with Reid and John was a pleasure-- they responded immediately to all questions and really care about customer satisfaction. Would give them 10 stars but rating only goes to 5!!!
Angela Aman
Josh Heller
It was time for my first lease... and I was very overwhelmed. With the way car companies advertise their lease rates and money down and all that, I had no idea which cars I could even afford.I searched for "car lease helper" and found Auto Champs. I called them up and said that I need someone who has knowledge in the industry and current pricing to tell me 3 or 4 cars I can afford with the features I want to go test drive. Once I knew what I wanted out of those choices, I wanted someone to help me with the leasing process and to get the best deal. John told me this was exactly what they did.The process was painless and even fun. I love our new ride and will definitely be calling Auto Champs up when my lease is up.Thank you Auto Champs!
John T.
This review is over due. I contacted Tristate Auto Champs at the end of November to help me purchase a new Subaru Outback. I spoke with Reid and told him...
Will Bancroft
When I heard about TriState Auto Champs' model from a friend I thought I should definitely check this out. The online reviews almost seemed too good to be true, but my wife and I engaged Andrew to find our family wagon. After an easy, high-touch process, we just took delivery of our stunning new Volvo with over $200/month off the lease payments over three years. Our three year savings equal one year or more of college saving for our daughter. We're blown away and cannot recommend highly enough!
Bruce Papp
If you are like me and time is your most precious commodity; TriState Auto Champs is for you. Never has car buying been easier. The team gets you want you want, they do all the leg work. All you have to do is pick the car up from the dealership, sign and drive.

100% Reccomend this service!
Simon Raymundo
We definitely recommend TriState Auto Champs. It was our first time using a car concierge and were very skeptical, all the way until we had the keys to the car.

Andrew worked with us every step of the way and walked us through the process. Prior to contacting Andrew we went to 3 dealerships with different prices. Andrew and his team were able to beat all of that and save us the time and hassle of dealing with the salesmen.

We're definitely going to use them in the future! Thanks again.
Simon R.
We definitely recommend TriState Auto Champs. It was our first time using a car concierge and were very skeptical, all the way until we had the keys to the...
David Heide
Tri-state auto champs is the best!!! I was recently a first time customer and now I'm a customer for life. I highly recommend they're service, you will not be disappointed
John S.
Working with Reid was fantastic! He negotiated a great deal on my 2017 Lapis Blue STI....leasing a new car has never been so effortless! Thanks Reid for all...
Thomas Godbout
Nick Geambazi
Working with Tri State Auto Champs was a truly great experience. Not only were they very personable and thorough, but they were always available anytime I had a question during the process. From start to finish I didn't have to worry about a thing, they took care of everything and all I needed to do was show up to the dealer to sign for and pick up my new car. They got me exactly what I wanted with even more than I had asked for all while staying within my budget. The discount they were able to get off the vehicle was well worth it and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle who hates having to spend time going from dealer to dealer and deal with what can be a very frustrating experience.
Nancy Shulins
After months of stressing out over confusing jargon, contradictory claims, and offers that seemed (and were) too good to be true, I put a call into Tri State Auto Champs. I only wish I'd done it sooner. With Andrew negotiating on my behalf, I wound up with a lease deal that left my most lease-savvy friends green with envy. My questions were answered, my concerns were addressed, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I will never again venture into these shark-infested waters feeling out-harpooned. This is the future of car-buying and leasing, and I'm here to tell you it's a bright one.
Karen Kubisek
Absolutely the best decision we ever made! Reid is fantastic. He guided us with his knowledge, expertise and honesty. He helped us to understand the importance of looking at all of our options. He negotiated for our best financial benefits with ease, so my daughter could drive away with her dream car, a 2016 Honda Accord EX, her "bubble" she calls it because of all the safety options. Reid is totally true to his word, he took the hassle out of car buying. I trust Reid with all my car buying needs. I wholeheartedly recommend TriStateAuto Champs to anyone interested in purchasing a new car!
Chris Arnold
Solid guys very knowledgeable of the car business. They negotiated me a great deal and an even better process of buying it. Life can be very busy, putting all the work in there hands was a big stress reliever. For a true hassle free car buying experience I suggest TriState Auto Champs.
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