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16:08 26 Mar 23
Reid got me the best price on my new Ram Rebel truck. He helped me pick out all my options & explained them to me. He also got me the extended warranty for a better price than I couldve on my own. It was so easy just telling Reid what I wanted & he did all the negotiating! Best Truck purchase ever! Thanks Reid! PS They had my truck inside to go over options since it was raining outside!
Christina Connors
03:46 19 Mar 23
I was blown away at how seamless our experience was getting into a new lease. Reid was extremely helpful, kind, and couldn’t have been more professional. I recommend this company to EVERYONE who has a car and needs to either trade in a lease or buy.- Christina Connors
William Rubinstein
15:04 02 Feb 23
I have had an excellent experience using TriState Auto Champs (and Andrew Spencer) in arranging a new car lease for me that met all of my requirements, including a lease rate well-below what I had been quoted by my existing Lexus dealer. I strongly recommend them.
Ben Arrow
13:42 25 Jan 23
I have worked with Reid for both of my cars and both experiences were extraordinary. Most recently, Reid helped us get a highly in-demand electric car for a very fair price despite the truly insane market. I cannot say enough good things about Reid and TriState Auto Champs.
Ashley Szabo
18:35 11 Jan 23
Working with Reid was the best decision I could have made for my car buying journey. He worked endlessly for my deal and I’m so in love with my new SUV! Thanks again, Reid!!
Moon Lover
17:19 11 Jan 23
I just received my second Subaru lease car from TriState Auto Champs, through Reid Ferris. I got another great deal and the entire process could not have been easier or smoother. I highly recommend TriState for your car needs.
Alfred Chiang
17:15 09 Dec 22
Great way to purchase a new car! Worked with Reid on my 2 vehicles and referred him to a few friends. Everyone is very happy!!
Sylvan Pomerantz
19:27 31 Oct 22
After visiting two auto dealers in lower Fairfield County, CT, our relative referred us to Reid Ferris at TriState Auto Champs. The process was absolutely seamless with amazing customer service at every step. There was daily communication resulting in our vehicle, which all dealers told was not available for at least Three months, being delivered at a very good price within two weeks of our first call to Reid and our used car being purchased as part of the deal. I highly recommend contacting Reid at TriState.
Marcin Staszyszyn
13:29 28 Oct 22
With all recent shortages, car dealers have made purchasing process even more awful than usual. Reid and his team shield you from all typical dealer tricks and can get you great price and the car you actually want. They are also honest about what is possible and don't push you on the deal. We were in market for VW Atlas and Reid advised wisely to wait a few months so availability and prices would be more reasonable. Once we decided to move on, he found car we wanted in just 1 day! Also he got us new 2023 model below MSRP, where local dealers were pushing 2022 models with surcharge! He even arranged car to be delivered to us, so we didn't have to go the the dealership at all! I cannot imagine the whole process without Reid's help!!!
Laura Notzelmann
00:39 18 Oct 22
TriState Auto Champs really took the stress off of shopping for a new car! They were great to work with and I am very pleased with the results. All I had to do was drive my trade in to the dealer and pick up my new Jetta!They were recommended to me by a family member who had a great experience buying her new car. I definitely recommend them for their professionalism! Andrew Spencer was easy to work with and he searched until he found exactly what I wanted!
Erin Andreotta
16:41 04 Oct 22
I worked with Reid and I can't speak highly enough of him and my experience. He was detail oriented, responsive, supportive, and very knowledgable about the whole process. He all know how long and annoying buying a car can be. But with Reid's help, it made everything feel smooth and efficient.
Lauren Mufson
14:39 14 Sep 22
Reid Ferris at Tristar Auto Champs is a godsend! My 15 year old car died. I initially went looking for a used car, the mark-ups and dealer fees were insane. I was being gauged left and right yet there seemed to be no inventory of new cars, a much wiser investment. Friends referred me to Reid: within an hour he'd found me a new, upgraded model of the car I wanted without crazy mark-ups. Reid talked through financing options, connected me with the dealer, and the car was delivered to my driveway.within days. What a phenomenally efficient, stress-reducing service. Highly recommend!
Ann Marie Autieri-Clarke
14:39 06 Sep 22
The most pleasant car buying experience I ever have had in the last 40 years! Reid Harris was most prompt and attentive to my needs! I I wish I had know about TriState Auto Champs sooner!
Alia B
00:58 15 Aug 22
I highly recommend TriState Auto Champs. They gave me the BEST auto buying experience I could ever ask for. Reid is the most professional business person I have ever encounter. I never met him in person but the service he provided is nothing short of perfection. I called him one morning and within one hour, he was able to liaise the purchase of the car of my dreams. Thank you Reid, thank you TriState Auto Champs. Don't waste your time car shopping and dealing with overpriced car dealers, he does everything for you, for a fraction of the price you would spend anywhere else.
Liubov Matvienko
22:47 10 Aug 22
I want to share my experience about TriState Auto Champs. I was looking for a car and nowadays prices are outrageous. I reached out to Reid and he got me a great deal on my new car, not only he saved me a lot of money on my new car, the whole process of buying a car was super easy and hassle free. I never liked buying a new car because experience with dealerships wasn’t very pleasant, with Reid it was stress free and very quick.
kevin greene
15:33 29 Jul 22
This is the 2nd car that my family has leased thru TriState and we are in the process of leasing a 3rd. I work with Andrew Spencer and he handles all of the car leasing processes that I no longer have time to or the desire to do. They are definitely worth the fee paid.
Adam Szachacz
16:54 18 Jul 22
Like a lot of people, found it really hard to find the car I was looking for at any kind of decent price these last few months, and happened to hear about TriState Auto Champs, gave it a chance and Andrew was super responsive and easy to work with, very upfront and found exactly what I was looking for. Recommend this service to anyone looking for a car.
Raymond Ingram
10:04 04 May 22
TriState Auto Champs did an outstanding job in finding us a new Hyundai Elantra Limited and trading in our Nissan Altima. The car and the finances were ideal and the process painless. All went smoothly and without any issues. Would definitely use TriState again.
Kristen Gigante
01:50 03 May 22
I would Highly recommend working with TriState Auto Champs, Reid was fabulous to work with. He truly Performed! I could not be happier, I love my new truck and he got me out of my current lease.
Steven Cabral
06:36 22 Apr 22
5 stars great guys.. God Bless.
Justin Halle
21:27 08 Apr 22
Can't recommend enough, super easy to work with and got a great deal!
John T
16:09 29 Mar 22
This review is over due. I contacted Tristate Auto Champs at the end of November to help me purchase a new Subaru Outback.I spoke with Reid and told him which model I was looking for, accessories, and type of warranty I was interested in. Reid was able to get me everything I was looking for, and saved me some money in the process. I work a busy job, and taking care of my baby son I didn’t have time or the patience to deal with the process of buying a car. Tristate saved me the hassle and money of the car buying process. I would use them again.
11:19 29 Mar 22
In the absolute worst time to have to buy a car, I am grateful that a friend recommended Reid and Tri State Auto Champs. Reid was so pleasant and professional to work with throughout the entire process. He found us a great deal which was way better than what the dealership was offering. The entire process was seamless. Nitza was extremely helpful and patient while setting up the insurance and other paperwork. We will definitely use again in the future and would highly recommend to anyone looking to buy or lease.
John T.
09:12 29 Mar 22
This review is over due. I contacted Tristate Auto Champs at the end of November to help me purchase a new Subaru Outback. I spoke with Reid and told him...
13:35 23 Mar 22
I received a recommendation to Reid at TriState in order to try to get rid of my lease as it was ending and with all the car shortages, I was unable to have any luck trying to get something else as far as a new lease on my own. Reid came to my rescue once I contacted him. He was always available and very knowledgeable in what he does. I not only received a new lease within a month, but I'm in a vehicle I would've never thought of getting without his help. I also saved money and the anguish of trying to get another vehicle. I will definitely be going back for his services again and I also recommended his service to many.
Brendan Minich
22:53 22 Mar 22
Reid and team were extremely helpful when I was in need of a new lease ASAP. Within an hour of our initial conversation Reid had found me the exact car I was looking for and at the best price too!! Reid said he would deliver and he definitely did, I would and will recommend TriState Auto Champs to anyone looking for a car.
Beth Tunny
20:14 16 Mar 22
Reid was so great to work with and so honest. We got the car that we wanted with all the amenties for the price that we were looking for. Plus they delivered the car and took our old lease away. This was the easiest car purchase ever. I will never step foot in a dealership again. Reid made the whole transaction so easy. He called & followed up even after we received the car. Plus I know he is there if we have any issues with the car.
Joanna Reslink
15:11 22 Feb 22
Really great experience with TriState Auto... They did all the legwork and got me a great deal on the car I wanted and I never had to leave my home! The car was delivered right to my door, and Reid was great about explaining my options regarding purchase vs lease. I'd highly recommend TriState Auto for anyone looking for a new vehicle!
Life Coach David
23:07 11 Feb 22
Andrew is fantastic to work with and got a wonderful deal for us on our latest car purchase. Don’t hesitate to use his services if you want the best deal!
Lori Delfico
14:48 31 Jan 22
I have been buying cars for years and must tell you this is by far the best, stress free car buying experience I have ever had. We couldn’t be happier! TriState did all the work all I did was the fun part by visiting a local dealership and test drive the car. I will continue to use TriState and recommend TriState to friends and family!
Student Consultation Services
19:08 30 Jan 22
I don't typically write reviews, but felt compelled to do it because of my positive experience buying 2 cars through Reid. During both times, Reid worked hard to get me the best price and the exact car that I wanted. In both circumstances there were challenges to overcome. My first deal, I had gone over the miles in the lease I was coming out of. In this second deal, there was limited vehicle availability due to the pandemic. Reid was able to work around these challenges and still get me excellent deals. Additionally, he made the process so easy, which was just as important me. He answered all of my questions, was extremely patient, and followed through on everything he said he would. I couldn't be happier and will continue to use him and recommend him to others.
AC Nicot
15:18 26 Jan 22
A couple of friends recommended Reid at TriState Auto Champs to help my wife and I purchase a new vehicle with a trade-in, and we could not have been happier.Reid was extremely professional, friendly and patient throughout the whole process, answering any and all questions, ultimately helping us find the best deal.We saved significant time, energy and overall peace of mind by not visiting any car dealerships and definitely plan to use Reid for all of our future vehicle purchases.Thank you again and Highly Recommended!!!
Scott Horn
23:08 03 Dec 21
Reid and his team make the car buying process seamless. They cut through all the red tape and all the dealer BS. They bring the best deal, the best customer service and the best experience right to your doorstep. Your don’t have to step foot in the dealership. I have bought many cars and the worst part is going to the dealership and haggling. For a small and very worthwhile fee you don’t have to deal with any of that. I highly recommend Tristate for all of car buying needs.
Mateus Falci
23:25 12 Nov 21
I was in car-search hell for months before I finally stumbled upon Tristate Auto Champs. I couldn't quite believe they had exclusively 5 star reviews, but now I understand why. I went from spending hours looking for overpriced used cars everyday for about 3 months to calling Tristate Auto Champs and basically finalizing my car search in the span of an afternoon. The peace of mind I got after Andrew took over the search was amazing, and he delivered in about a week with several different lease deal options at good rates --- especially in this crazy market. I didn't even have to go to a dealership once because Andrew found one that delivered straight to my door. The time saved is easily worth the $349 flat fee I paid. Now, I can barely remember what it was like trying to negotiate for a car myself. Never again. I'll be back to work with them for sure, and I recommend you try them out as well! Thanks, Andrew!
Ted Klein
01:22 01 Oct 21
When I say that I hate the car buying process that is an understatement. So, when I was faced with the prospect of leasing two new vehicles I was absolutely dreading it. I spent weeks trying to get prices from dealers online and after an awful trip to a local dealer I had all but given up when I found these guys through a Google search.I can not say enough good things about working with Andrew, he was friendly, knowledgeable and very responsive to my long lists of questions. We ran into an issue when the dealers were price gouging on one of the cars we wanted, but Andrew was able to help me evaluate other options and got me into a nicer, more expensive car for the same price. Not to mention the hundred of dollars per month we saved on the other lease.Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time with dealers or trying to scour the internet and just reach out to Andrew. The small fee that they charge is miniscule compared to the service they are providing. I will 100% be using them again when my leases come up.
Hritesh Regmi
14:40 28 Sep 21
Reid was excellent in helping me get a car ASAP. My car was flooded in the wake of Hurricane Ida, and Reid was able to assist me in finding the car that I wanted, with the specs that I wanted, and in my budget, within a couple of weeks. Highly recommend!
Jacob Karlsruher
11:24 08 Sep 21
george p.
16:34 06 Sep 21
I am a car savvy guy having negotiated dozens and dozens of car purchasers over the years. But in the current market ,without the buying power of Tri-state, was unable to negotiate a decent deal for myself. Working with Andrew they saved me ~$2,000 on my purchase & trade-in allowance! They did all the heavy lifting saving me hours of time searching/negotiating and expense of driving to various dealers...a solid investment!
Adonis Chamble
17:25 30 Aug 21
TriState Auto Champs are the real deal! Reid has now helped me with 4 transactions. I always recommend him to anyone looking for service, professionalism and high quality. I just got a beautiful Mazda CX-5 with a deal Reid brokered on my behalf. He also helped me trade in the previous car I had.Thank you and keep up the great work, TriState Auto Champs. The name is fitting.
Amy Mauer
21:37 20 Aug 21
I contacted Reid at TriState via a friend's recommendation when I did not think I was getting the best deal on my trade in and new lease. Reid was able to not only get me more money on the equity in my car, but also significant lower monthly payments for my new car. Reid has great contacts, is well liked ( the sales person at the dealership he negotiated with spoke very highly of him) and knows the process well. He answered all of my questions, was extremely responsive, and the process was seamless. I highly recommend.
Robert Neal
12:29 19 Aug 21
This was BY FAR the best car buying experience I've ever had in my life. ZERO haggling. ZERO pressure. Not ONCE was I asked to sign up for some service I don't need. I literally called Reid, asked for a car recommendation, filled out some paperwork and a new car arrived a few days later. DURING A CAR SHORTAGE. If you're the type of person who doesn't enjoy the car buying process, you need to look into this service. I'll never buy a new car any other way again.Thank you made a stressful process so easy.
Peter Sanders
20:30 11 Aug 21
Reid at TriState Auto Champs could not have been any easier to work with. We were moving back to the area and he was able to coordinate a great car and a great deal on our timeline. We did not have a specific car in mind, but he was able to help us narrow down our search and got us a phenomenal deal vs direct to dealer pricing. Highly recommend and would use again in 3 years.
Lawrence Mass
16:56 10 Aug 21
Working with Andrew was easy, very informative and productive. The dealership that I leased a car from wanted and tried to have me lease from them again. They appeared to be working hard to get me their ‘best deal’. Andrew beat them by $100 per month!
Allyson Mandelbaum
18:57 09 Aug 21
Reid was great with helping us find the car of our dreams for the right price. It was a very easy and smooth process!
Robert Gardella
18:33 07 Aug 21
The best! Reid does a magnificent job getting his customers the best, no hassle deals. I've recommended him to 3 of my friends this year and they are all raving!
Carmen Arroyo
01:53 03 Aug 21
Reid is an absolute magician! After waiting for about 2 months for a Ridgeline I thought would never become available due to the pandemic, high demand, and the chip shortage, Reid finally calls with amazing news that one is arriving in a week or so and it’s got my name on it. The only difference however….. it’s got more bells and whistles then we originally anticipated!!!! Being the magician that he is though, he worked the deal of a century and made me the most happiest owner of 2021 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E with tons of extra packages, all while maintaining my budget. He handled everything from my old lease trade, that he organized with a different dealer. We arrived, dropped the car and signed papers in about 5 minutes. An Uber was then arranged to take us from one dealer to another to get our vehicle, which was ready when when we arrived, and papers were signed in another 5 minutes. Overall this experience felt almost VIP because everyone just knew what was going on upon arrival and we were in and out. TriState Auto Champs is the best way to go about buying/ leasing a car and I would recommend them to anyone looking to get a car in a smarter and more convenient way!!!!! Thank you again!!!!
Hussnain Gondal
15:49 27 Jul 21
Great deal, Great negotiators! Save yourself tens of hundreds of hours and go straight thru TriState and have a deal within an hour. Thanks Reid for his excellent service!
Seth Werbitt
15:54 19 Jul 21
Reid is incredibly knowledgeable and guided me through the whole process. Couldn’t be happier with the result and recommend him to all my friends and family.
Anne Nathan
04:17 13 Jul 21
After visiting several dealerships and having a terrible time, a friend recommended Tristate. I would recommend this to anyone that doesn't want to deal with the "negotiation" and the run around that you get from a dealership. 100% worth the cost. Reid was extremely easy to talk to, he answered all my questions promptly, got back to me right away and really helped me make a decision since he knows so much about the process. Promised to get me the best deal (which he did) and did it within 3 days. The entire process was very easy and as this was my first time leasing a car- I needed a little extra help.
Beth Zimmerman
15:06 11 Jul 21
TriState Auto Champs not only made all of the arrangements for my new car down to the last detail, but saved me a substantial amount on my monthly lease for a new vehicle that's worth $10k more than the one I turned in. This was no easy feat, especially with pandemic-related vehicle shortages and delivery delays. I can't imagine getting a vehicle any other way and am grateful to Andrew for being open, honest, fair, and professional throughout the entire process. Outstanding service, amazing results, and nice people, to boot. I recommend TriState without reservation. Don't get your new wheels without them!
Michael Lee
13:18 08 Jul 21
This is an amazing company. I can not imagine buying a new car without them. These guys are great!
Ben Aguilar
14:22 07 Jul 21
Reid was friendly, professional, thorough and worked FAST! TriState's consultative approach was crucial in helping us narrow down our options and find the vehicle that worked best for us. Transparent pricing, excellent communication and did I mention Reid works FAST! =) We will definitely be repeat customers! Thank you, Reid and TriState Auto Champs!
Will Bancroft
01:10 19 Oct 20
When I heard about TriState Auto Champs' model from a friend I thought I should definitely check this out. The online reviews almost seemed too good to be true, but my wife and I engaged Andrew to find our family wagon. After an easy, high-touch process, we just took delivery of our stunning new Volvo with over $200/month off the lease payments over three years. Our three year savings equal one year or more of college saving for our daughter. We're blown away and cannot recommend highly enough!
Bruce Papp
13:04 04 May 19
If you are like me and time is your most precious commodity; TriState Auto Champs is for you. Never has car buying been easier. The team gets you want you want, they do all the leg work. All you have to do is pick the car up from the dealership, sign and drive.

100% Reccomend this service!
Simon Raymundo
16:12 18 Apr 18
We definitely recommend TriState Auto Champs. It was our first time using a car concierge and were very skeptical, all the way until we had the keys to the car.

Andrew worked with us every step of the way and walked us through the process. Prior to contacting Andrew we went to 3 dealerships with different prices. Andrew and his team were able to beat all of that and save us the time and hassle of dealing with the salesmen.

We're definitely going to use them in the future! Thanks again.
Simon R.
09:12 18 Apr 18
We definitely recommend TriState Auto Champs. It was our first time using a car concierge and were very skeptical, all the way until we had the keys to the...
David Heide
03:38 16 Aug 17
Tri-state auto champs is the best!!! I was recently a first time customer and now I'm a customer for life. I highly recommend they're service, you will not be disappointed
John S.
13:51 29 Mar 17
Working with Reid was fantastic! He negotiated a great deal on my 2017 Lapis Blue STI....leasing a new car has never been so effortless! Thanks Reid for all...
Thomas Godbout
03:37 24 Feb 17
Nick Geambazi
00:07 29 Oct 16
Working with Tri State Auto Champs was a truly great experience. Not only were they very personable and thorough, but they were always available anytime I had a question during the process. From start to finish I didn't have to worry about a thing, they took care of everything and all I needed to do was show up to the dealer to sign for and pick up my new car. They got me exactly what I wanted with even more than I had asked for all while staying within my budget. The discount they were able to get off the vehicle was well worth it and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new vehicle who hates having to spend time going from dealer to dealer and deal with what can be a very frustrating experience.
Nancy Shulins
22:13 04 Oct 16
After months of stressing out over confusing jargon, contradictory claims, and offers that seemed (and were) too good to be true, I put a call into Tri State Auto Champs. I only wish I'd done it sooner. With Andrew negotiating on my behalf, I wound up with a lease deal that left my most lease-savvy friends green with envy. My questions were answered, my concerns were addressed, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I will never again venture into these shark-infested waters feeling out-harpooned. This is the future of car-buying and leasing, and I'm here to tell you it's a bright one.
Karen Kubisek
01:23 16 Jul 16
Absolutely the best decision we ever made! Reid is fantastic. He guided us with his knowledge, expertise and honesty. He helped us to understand the importance of looking at all of our options. He negotiated for our best financial benefits with ease, so my daughter could drive away with her dream car, a 2016 Honda Accord EX, her "bubble" she calls it because of all the safety options. Reid is totally true to his word, he took the hassle out of car buying. I trust Reid with all my car buying needs. I wholeheartedly recommend TriStateAuto Champs to anyone interested in purchasing a new car!
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