We Offer A Service Package To Suit Every Need

Whether you want a full-service broker solution, trade-in negotiation support, or a ‘Beat My Deal’ service, The Auto Champs will make it happen!

Buying or leasing a new car can be stressful and take hours of valuable time. Everyone feels at a disadvantage when they walk into a car dealership. It’s intentional.

Our services are transparent, straightforward, and save you time and money. We work with our clients to provide the highest level of quality and service, including:

  • Lower price – guaranteed
  • Support in finding the right vehicle
  • Identify local car availability
  • Front-to-back negotiation services
  • Consultation on financing and leasing options
  • No hidden fees
With every package, you receive our trusted white-glove concierge assistance to ensure you have everything you need to make a solid financial decision.

Complete Savings Package


Our most popular service is a complete car buying or leasing solution from start to finish. Through an initial strategy call, we help you select the car or truck and provide you with detailed vehicle comparisons that include incentives, safety ratings, technology, fuel consumption, resale value, and more.

Once you have chosen your desired vehicle, we go to work! Using our bulk buying power and industry expertise, we negotiate the best price on your new automobile at a location convenient for you. We ensure:

  • We average savings of over $3,700
  • You receive a detailed price breakdown in writing (via email)
  • We help you negotiate the best lease or finance rates
  • We act as a liaison between you and the dealership
  • You make one trip to pick up your new vehicle or it can be delivered to you

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The Auto Champs tire graphic showing solution benefits and savings.

Trade-In Negotiation Support


Lowballing trade-in values is an industry standard. It allows the dealership to ‘do you the favor’ of taking your old car off your hands. In reality, a low trade-in value allows the dealership to recoup some of its profit from the incentives and discounts you received on the new vehicle.

Let us negotiate a fair and equitable trade-in value on your behalf:

  • We average a price improvement of at least $1,000
  • You receive the highest value possible for your existing car or truck
  • We get you a reduced out-of-pocket expense

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Graphic showing the negotiated savings possible using a best-in-class auto leasing broker like The Auto Champs.

We Can Beat Your Deal

Or you pay nothing!

Maybe you already did the leg work and have an offer from a local dealership on the car of your dreams. Let us go to work and get you a better price.

You pay nothing upfront and we will split any savings 50/50. That means if we save you $3,000, you pocket an additional $1,500.

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